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Our imperative, when designing interiors, is to compose the space perfectly fitting the needs of its future users for we believe that designing is a collaborative creation of investors and architects. We work out the goal together and we strive to realize it – we take account of our customers’ needs, talk with you and try to feel the way you would like to feel in your apartments. While doing it, we always have in mind the fact that our job is to be a professional partner who translates the ideas and visions of the residents into the language of architecture, transforming it into a real shape and suggesting the best solutions.

We do not design in just one style or character – we always try to solve specific problems and match the needs of a given place to a person who will live there. We are architects and thus our job is not just decorating interiors. We always start by thinking about the space of the apartment, what makes each of our projects a coherent whole.

We are particularly careful about personalizing the space which, later on, will become a setting of its resident's lives and of their everyday existence. This is where parties and meetings with friends will take place, this is where children will grow up. We create the space, the inhabitants of which can relate to and to which they eagerly come back to, both with their bodies and minds.

Our team tries to bring out the key elements of a given interior and to stress the elements of the house which are the most important for the residents, so as to give them their proper significance and character. A given place can become the heart of the house, a secluded corner, a place for fun or just the leisure zone.

Our aim is also to create comfortable, functional and pleasant surroundings for everyday life – in the kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom, the residents will repeat given activities hundreds of times. They can be both duties and pleasures. This is why it is worth taking the time and to design the space so that living there and executing - seemingly ordinary - tasks will became a pleasure and a nice experience.


Every person has different needs: different things make them happy; people feel best in different places and situations. The same goes for our home – everybody pictures it differently and has different dreams. This is why a place bought no matter directly from a developer or having been previously lived in may not fit the bill for you – it was not created especially for you. We can change that.

1) We 'clean' the space we receive – we get rid of all the unnecessary elements, the ones that obstruct comfortable functioning; ones that create chaos or do not make sense. However, we do it without overstepping our boundaries – we leave the space optimally organized.

2) We redefine the functional arrangement to perfectly fit your needs by adjusting the apartment to the specific, individual demands and wishes of the future inhabitant.
It often turns out that the previous space was not used to the maximum - we reclaim the lost square metres which leads to substantial financial benefits for the owners.
To understand what changes in the functional arrangement can give and find out more, analyze the sketches in the 'FLOOR PLANS' Bookmark.

3) We build places for the activities and particular events that the future residents will have in a given place.
You are going to take a shower or change in the bathroom thousands of times; repeatedly prepare your breakfast and dinner in the kitchen – this is why FUNCTIONALITY of an apartment is so important.
The function of an apartment can be created both by means of permanent elements such as partition walls and, also, by furniture, interior detail work and materials.

4) We create surprising, innovative solutions with a “WOW!” factor so that the apartment astonishes both the householders and the guests. We always go 'one step further…' and, therefore, earn the added value.

5) We incorporate elements which give the apartment an individual, unique character – something to set it apart and make it one of its kind – it can be a designer functional element such as a sofa, a table, a chest of drawers, or sometimes a sculpture, a picture or, in other cases, extraordinary colour or a material with an interesting texture.
It is, at the same time, the moment in which the place gets warmer and more humanized.

6) The time during which the residents start to live in an apartment is a key consideration in the project – they fill the space with the stories, elements and events of their lives– the apartment comes alive and flourishes and it is both filled with things and memories.